This Year I’ll Be Better!


It’s that time of the year again! Time to put the cheeseboard away and lock the sherry cabinet…(metaphorically speaking as I don’t actually know anyone who drinks sherry!). Time to look in the mirror and say “this year it’ll be different!”

But of course if it was that easy we would all be trim, slim and fit “all on our own” by Valentine’s day!

This is the time of year we join gyms, bootcamps and cycling groups because, whilst we know what we have to do, we also know that it’s easier to get results and survive the pain of the journey with like-minded people beside you!

Your business is the same. A lot of us close off our accounts in December and wipe the slate clean for January…New year, new budgets, new targets and once the haze of Christmas has past, a renewed vigour to “do better” this year!

So what are your thoughts on how to “do better” in business this year? Have you lots of ideas and are struggling to put a structure on your thoughts? Or are you like so many of us…tied up in so many things that the blank page is daunting?

Need help? Would you like to achieve success in 2017 with like-minded people beside you?

If you have time for a coffee and a chat, my colleagues and I here at Absolute would be delighted to take the time to brainstorm a few ideas for you…

In the coming weeks and months, I’ll be kicking off Dermot’s Diaries… picking the brains of my colleagues, sharing some of my experiences in exhibition display and marketing and suggesting some interesting reads from some of the sharpest minds out there…

Join us in 2017 to help you to make it a better one!

Cheers Dermot!