Security Design Specialist

As a security design specialist we can add security to every printed document, using the most current technology available Amgraf – Mecca 2000. We have a comprehensive set of design tools to add copy-resistant graphical safeguards to certificates, monetary or legal documents, & other valuable forms.


LogoDot: Halftone dot that replaces conventional round dots typically used in traditional printing. When compared to conventional halftone dots, LogoDots are much more difficult to faithfully reproduce.

Microtext: Text printed at smaller than 1 point size, readable only with a loupe or magnifying glass.

Relief: A colourless embossing of images or text. It involves high-pressure embossing of letters, motifs or other designs.

FluorescentMark: Printed text that is only visible under UV/black-light.

InfraRed text: Printed text that is only visible in the dark, with an infrared camera.

Identity Documents

Our award winning designs combine the key aspects required – aesthetics, durability, security and machine readability.

Pushing the boundaries of secure design through combining beautiful imagery and the very highest levels of security, our expertise and experience in the delivery of identity projects ensures issuing authorities can be confident in the integrity of their documents.

Government Documents

Our expertise in a wide range of security features enables us to successfully apply these to state print works. Features include holograms, security threads and inks.

We have an in-depth understanding of the production process and can work with you to produce detailed specifications.

Commercial Sector

Absolute designs high security certificates and retail vouchers. With vouchers being a cash equivalent, and certificates often containing personal and commercial information both are at risk of counterfeit or fraudulent attempts for financial gain.

Financial & Secure Documents

We provide anti-fraud and anti-counterfeit document solutions, tailored to meet the customer’s requirements that include a wide variety of security features ranging from high security substrates, inks and printed features, to 3D holograms.