Irish Passport Design

Provides a range of services to Irish citizens and work hard to ensure the promotion and protection of Ireland’s interests in the world.


The Irish Passport was due for renewal after 10 years in line with international best practice. The challenge was to design a passport that incorporated cutting edge security features while maintaining and reflecting ‘Irishness’ throughout. The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade appointed Absolute Graphics (as part of a consortium led by DLRS Ltd) to create the new passport from design through to finished product.


Our approach to this project was two-fold. At a functional level, the passport had a requirement to meet international standards using the latest techniques in security print and conforming or surpassing ICAO (International Civil Aviation Authority) guidelines.

On the design side, we combined the traditional with the contemporary. From the entrance stone at Newgrange to the Aviva Stadium in Lansdowne Road, the design celebrates everything Irish – history, poetry and sport, tradition and modernity.

The images opposite are merely representative of the creativity and attention to detail that was involved in this project. It would not be possible to describe every feature, however, every page and every element of the passport has a raison d’être .In fact, over 60 different design and security features are employed in the passport.

All of the artwork in the passport is original. In order to guarantee accuracy, sites were visited and, in some cases, drones were employed for aerial photography (e.g. Graahan Fort in Donegal).


The new Irish passport was greeted enthusiastically both at home and internationally. The design and development has been recognised as a leading example of security meeting innovation. This recognition resulted in the award of Regional ID Document of the Year 2014 in Milan.

Newgrange Entrance stone

Printed with shifting ink Spark technology. The image shimmers in the light. This is the first time this technology was used on an international travel document.Read More


The Ogham characters are printed in thermo-chromic ink, i.e. the colour of the character changes when heat is applied. The individual Ogham character and a hand drawn trace of a tree leaf, lights up under ultra-violet inspection.Read More

God Heads

This is a simple feature that allows individuals to test the authenticity of the book. Fold the pages in on themselves and a Celtic god emerges in full.Read More

Yeats’ Lake Isle Of Innisfree

The images feature Rainbow printing. This is a complex process designed to highlight design features and make replication more difficult.Read More

Celtic Brooch

Each page features an individual brooch design. Each brooch has a unique feature related to the page number.Read More

Bird Knot

The intricate nature of these original designs makes replication very difficult.Read More