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Award-Winning Cosmetics Stand

Eurosales International is a leading retail distribution company oering a full end-to-end service
that includes representation, marketing, sales, order picking, distribution, delivery and merchandising
focused on the Health and Beauty sector in Ireland.

Absolute began working with Eurosales Int. when asked to design and build their tradeshow
stand for the Cosmetic Association Christmas Tradeshow, which takes place in May each year.
This event is the main sales event in the Eurosales calendar year, as orders are taken for all of the
products that will be sold during the forthcoming Christmas season in pharmacies and retail
locations throughout Ireland.

In year 1 Eurosales were awarded “stand of the show” for their stand, a feat that was replicated for
the following 2 years as they consistently focused on providing a space that enabled a connection
between the buyer and their products in a friendly, exciting and attractive manner.

Our relationship with Eurosales has grown to the point where we work closely with Eurosales
marketing team to design and produce all localised point of sale and printed marketing materials
such as a quarterly product brochure and yers.

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