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Coffee Shop Branding

Absolute were tasked with rebranding a well loved spot in Rathfarnam that had been taken over by new owners. The vision for what became Chatty Fox aimed to celebrate the comfort of home made food and a welcoming, cosy interior whilst embracing a fresh and fun aesthetic. As self-proclaimed coffee aficionados, we knew this was a match made in heaven!

In order to develop the visual identity, we worked closely with the interior designer who was renovating the cafe ensuring that there was cohesion between the environment and the brand identity. The incredible job that she did turning this long, dark and narrow space into a warm, cosy ‘den’ where the community could hang out and chat bore the name: Chatty Fox.

The logo design was inspired by the wallpaper that the designer had chosen for the cafe, and the bold, classic modern tone and strong geometric shapes of the Art Deco movement that is also reflected in the interior decor. The result is a full visual identity that can be leveraged across all touchpoints—including uniforms, in-store design, signage, menus, containers, and beverages.

Since Chatty Fox has launched, it has emerged as a staple gathering place in its community, quickly becoming the go-to spot for after school hangouts and casual meet-ups, bringing new energy to an area that needed it. We think that speaks for itself.



Chatty Fox

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